Alumna Book Release Inspires Us to Stay Happy by Helping Others (02/06/2017)

Miss Huang Tsui Ping, a centenarian of 104 years old, also an alumna of our True Light School, released a new book《生活如光100年》on 1st June 2017 at the flagship store of The Commercial Press, Tsim Sha Tsui Book Centre in Miramar Shopping Centre.

Miss Huang was the first female probation officer in Hong Kong. Deeply influenced by our school’s motto: ‘Thou art the light of the world’ (Matthew 5:14), she has been positively impacting the hearts and souls of many others who had been going astray, helping them to get back onto the right track. She is indeed a loyal follower of our Lord, lighting up the lives of others, providing her abundant blessings and invaluable experiences. Happiness in fact originates from carrying each other’s burden, encouraging and supporting one another during ups and downs.

During the new book release conference, there was a short video presentation (Please click on the hyperlink at the bottom of this article for viewing) showing some youths who also share the views of Miss Huang, pursuing happiness by sacrificing some of their own personal time and making full use of their talents, given by God, to light up others, regardless of age and time.

Our School Supervisor, Rev. Wu, Principal Lee, Vice Principal, Ms Ho and Mrs Wai also sent their greatest respect and reverence to Miss Huang by recognizing Miss Huang’s aspiration and dedication, putting their hats off to this female role model at the conference. We all pray to God that no matter how long we live on this perishable Earth, our spirits will light up others, just as Miss Huang’s spirit has done, lasting forever till eternity.