A Series of Staff Development Activities (August 2017)

Our Principal Lee attended the new teacher training programme organized by the Education Bureau on 9 August 2017, sharing the latest development in Secondary School’s Curriculum and equipping the teachers to get prepared to nurture our next generation.
Next, after taking a break during the summer holiday, all the teaching staff of the primary and the secondary sections had their staff retreat in our school hall on 22 August 2017. Our Chaplain, Miss Lee, first said a prayer to thank God for the wonderful vacation and asked for His blessings for the new academic year. This was followed by a welcoming speech from our Supervisor, Rev. Wu Ping Kit. It was also our pleasure to have the Reverend Cheung Yik Lung from CCC Cheung Lo Church to run a workshop facilitating all teachers to build up cohesion and collaboration.
In the afternoon, we joined Dialogue in the Dark Tour to arouse self awareness in embracing uncertainties and challenges with positive attitude and to promote resilience in the face of adversity through innovation, problem-solving skills and leadership.