“Open Forum: Journalistic Writing—Meet to Write!” (18/09/2017)

On 18 September, 2017, the Kick-off Ceremony of KTLS’s new initiative funded by The Quality Education Fund (QEF), a profile writing project recording stories of successful female leaders in Hong Kong, cum “Open Forum: Journalistic Writing—Meet to Write!” was held in our school hall. In brief, it is a training program for our student journalists, who are aspiring to develop their writing skills to better equip themselves in developing a career in journalism.

During the forum, our guest speaker and also the coach of the training program, Dr. Oliver Chou, the Senior Writer of South China Morning Post, shared his experience in conducting interviews and writing articles based on the oral history provided by interviewees, which is more authentic and genuine than reading a history book. We are also glad to have more than 50 teachers and students of other schools attending the Forum with us, gaining invaluable insight in journalistic writing and widening our horizons.