KTLS Drama Team@Ya Wah Drama Night (29/09/2017)

Our school’s English Drama Team joined this year’s Ying Wa Drama Night and performed our own drama brilliantly. Principal also visited the crew, giving them a lot of encouragement and strength. The show was well-received, gaining the recognition and applause from the audience.

Here’s the synopsis:
Mrs. X is the 2017 presidential candidate for Carper City. She is one of the most charitable and kind-hearted people in the city. She does numerous charity work and runs an orphanage. Everybody believes that she is probably the greatest person in the world. Until one day, a reporter from Sun Media, Constance, discovers that there is something strange with the orphans in St. Catherine Orphanage? What is the conspiracy in the orphanage? Will Constance hold to her belief to continue to investigate the mystery?