S4 Learning Day (7/10/2017)

On 7th October, 2017, the Learning and Teaching Committee organized an S4 Learning Day, aiming at helping S4 students get used to the New Senior Secondary life. There were a lot of meaningful and interactive activities to enable students to be aware of the difference between junior and senior formers. Firstly, the Acting Vice Principal, Miss Ho, introduced the NSS curriculum and reminded students to learn proactively. Senior formers have to do preparation before the lessons and follow-up work after class. Secondly, the Social Worker from YMCA, Miss Mak, gave students a lot of tips about how to adapt well to the senior secondary life. Thirdly, the S4 form teacher, Miss Tang, shared a number of success stories of candidates who sat for the previous HKDSE. Fourthly, students played a group activity called Fellow Travellers. After the activity, they knew more about themselves in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, they encouraged each other to follow their own dreams. The highlight in the morning session was the sincere sharing of alumnae. Several alumnae came back to share how they equipped themselves well for DSE and overcame difficulties to get a place at university. After lunch, students watched an inspiring movie, entitled Flying Colours and discussed its implication. They completed a movie review form and the best entry of each class was to be given an award. The S4 Learning Day ended with cheerful group photo shots. All in all, the event was a success as most participants found it useful and enjoyable.