Hong Kong Model United Nations (25-27/03/2018)

Hong Kong Model United Nations, a platform for academic exchange, is a student run conference for secondary school students. Hundreds of students come together every year to debate issues of global political significance, and this year, two Form 5 students of our school participated as delegates of the Legislative Council (LegCo) at Science Park on 25-27 March 2018. This offered students an extraordinary learning experience to be an active citizen in the era of globalization, to build confidence and negotiation skills through the exercise in research, public speaking and teamwork. Legislators coming from local and international schools debated against and expressed concerns about the issues, including refugees in Hong Kong, China’s jurisdiction over LegCo procedure, and education reform and students’ mental health. Despite intense debates as the council proceeded, students are exposed to diverse perspectives and this unique experience aspired future leaders to incubate innovative approaches for changes.