School Song & True Light Songs

School Song

Verse 1:
We sing of a school where we're happy as can be, of course, we mean True Light;
In our work and in our play, we're as good as we can be,
For the glory of True Light.

For the glory of True Light, we'll live, for the glory of True Light,
In the days that are to be, we'll be good as we can be,
For the glory of True Light.

Verse 2:
In the days that have gone by, there were keepers of the light,
Good keepers at True Light;
And in the coming time, we too will keep the light,
Keep it shining for True Light.

The Songs of True Light

The secondary and Primary sections of the four True Light Schools, namely True Light Middle School of Hong Kong, Kowloon True Light Middle School, True Light Girls' College and Hong Kong True Light College, have jointly recorded two albums "The Songs of True Light". Included in the albums are the House Songs, House Motto and some songs of encouragement. We wish to dedicate these two albums to the parents and students, in the hope of upholding school unity and the sense of belonging in graduates.