Supervisor Rev. Wu Ping Kit


The School's Supervisor's aspirations

Our students:

  • to understand Christianity and the Bible, live a prosperous life
  • to have a holistic development on the six crucial aspects: ethical, intellectual, physical, social skills, aesthetic and spiritual
  • to be confident and responsible as well as to respect others
  • to be able to think independently and desire for the truth and to reflect and improve themselves
  • to love and care for their families, school and the community as well as to contribute to society

Our teachers:

  • to know and understand Christianity and work with God
  • to agree with and practise our school's vision and missions
  • to be the role model of students and to serve with love
  • to uphold professionalism and learn from the profession
  • to build up teamwork under a harmonious working environment

Our parents:

  • to value family education and provide a healthy and happy environment for the children
  • to understand the distinctiveness of Christian education and to agree with our mission and vision to foster students' growth
  • to accept disappointment and to maintain hope
  • to maintain communication with the school and trust the school
  • to accept Christianity and serve their children with love

Our school:

  • to be a place where students and teachers can learn about love, faith and hope
  • to be a joyful and enthusiastic learning environment with room for creativity and variety
  • to be a place where students, teachers and parents respect and love each other
  • to be a school which foster a holistic development with Jesus' Gospel , for Jesus Christ said, ‘I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.'