Notice and Arrangement of School Suspension

In view of the recent mass infection cases and the fact that the novel coronavirus epidemic has shown no signs of waning, the Education Bureau decided that schools will not resume classes before March 16 for reducing the risk of infection on campus and safeguarding the health of students. During the suspension, parents and students should take note of the following:

1. According to EDB, social distancing and avoiding mass movement of people are key strategies for preventing and controlling the epidemic. There is no urgency for students now staying in the Mainland or other countries to return to Hong Kong, but they are advised to strictly comply with the preventive measures suggested by the local authorities. Students currently in Hong Kong should avoid travelling abroad, so as to reduce the risk of being infected during the journey. Students should stay home as far as possible, and avoid crowded places and group activities. Students should consult a doctor and provide their recent travel records shall they feel unwell.

2. School suspension is not considered additional holidays. During the suspension, the school adopts online classrooms to conduct learning and teaching activities. Online learning plans and materials for 17th February to 1st March will be announced on 14th February while those for 2nd March to 15th March will be announced on 28th February. In order to enable students to make full use of such learning platforms at home, please advise your daughter to check the inbox of eClass for receiving the relevant information. All learning materials, including textbooks and assignments, are uploaded electronically. Therefore, it is not necessary for students to return to school to collect textbooks and exercise books. The risk of infection can then be reduced. Should there be any special reasons for returning to the school, please submit your application to Vice Principal Ms. Law Chor Wan. Upon approval, students shall bring a parent’s letter with them on the day returning to the school.

3. The Final Sprint sessions for S6 students originally scheduled for 3rd, 6th, 10th and 13th March are all cancelled. S6 subject teachers will adopt other modes, including online classrooms and phone consultation, in order to help S6 students prepare for the examination. S6 students can check their own exam performance through Student Portal from 17th February. HKEAA will issue admission forms in early March. Arrangement will be made for S6 students to collect the documents and mock exam papers.

4. Class teachers will contact students by phone regularly so as to check on their health status and their progress in remote learning.

5. For any questions, students or parents can contact the school by phone during office hours (9 am to 4 pm) or the teacher concerned by email.