Life Buddies Mentoring Programme with Centaline Property Agency Ltd.

This year, our Careers Guidance Committee has joined the Life Buddies Mentoring Programme and cooperated with Centaline Property Agency Limited to carry out a series of mentoring programmes.

On the afternoon of February 26, under the leadership of the mentors from Centaline Property Agency Limited, seven S4 students visited the show flats of a new estate to learn about the current sales procedures of first-hand private residential properties in Hong Kong. Also, they visited the head office of the agency in the Central World Centre to understand the current housing supply situation in Hong Kong and exchange with the staff there. In addition to this visit, the mentors will also lead students to conduct activities like “interview workshops” and “volunteer services”.

This programme not only enhances students’ understanding of the workplace, but also motivates them to consider their future career and plan ahead for it.